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Short for Emetro.

label which is defined as a combination of emo and metro. The emetros usually deny this label and claim themselves to be "normal". Some commmon things you can see a emetro with is: animal crackers, spiked eyebrows, f4 shirts, odd shoelaces with a bandanna in the tongue, and a dress shirt worn over the t-shirt. Emetros often repeat what they say but place the verb in different places to make the sentence seem different. When confronted by the police, emetros instinctly want to raise their age to 16. They are afraid of letting go of their yellow backpacks and need to sew them together whenever a strap rips off. Emetros like to wear extremely long pants to cover their ugly feet when they go to John's house. They love to watch Sailor Moon and they cream themselves whenever listening to the cello riffs in The Ugly Organ. Emetros usually love Kraft American Singles and always ask for some at their friends' houses. Some daily used said are: hella, trust me, choppy thing, (they substitute choppy thing for a video game cartridge) and tight. Whenever they are done with something, they always say "I'm over it," which shows their true emo side.
Emetro: You know, the choppy thing.
Us: Wtf mang?
Emetro: The thing where you put it in the Nintendo.
Us: A game cartridge?
Emetro: Whatever, it's a choppy thing! It makes a nice chopping noise when it goes in like (imitates a chopping noise)
Us: Wtf Mang!
by Michael Wu June 07, 2005
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