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1 definition by Michael W

A pair of silky running shorts, most commonly worn by discerning gentlemen keen to show off their aggots. Usually seen in a sky blue tone, they also come in the design of this season's most fasionable colours: purple mushroom and mudchute brown. Most effectively worn with aggots creeping out the sides of the 'shorter than shorts'.
Bystanders in the Vauxhall area of often warned to keep indoors until the hours of 7am, as 'Kabowser trouser' is often seen prowling during the early daylight hours. Kabowsers are a highly sought after accessory in 2006, and have been featured in The Parto Pride Fashion Festival, May 2006 (London).
"Wowsers! Are they shorts or trousers?"
'They are are neither shorts or trousers. They are Kabowsers'.
by Michael W July 24, 2006