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A form of modern, relaxed, electronically enhanced lounge music. "Chillout" music is sometimes referred to as acid jazz. It originated in the lounge scenes of major cities such as New York and Paris. First gaining its popularity amongst young, rich, often intellectual urbanites, it has begun to grow in popularity and spread on a wide scale. The genre includes a wide range of electronic interpretations of traditional music types such as jazz, bossanova and easy listening.

The growing popularity of chillout music is slowly widening the influence of lounge scenes across the United States and abroad.
I got the new chillout CD from Sharper Image today!

Hey, you guys want to go to the hookah bar, I hear they're having a chillout night.
by Michael Nelson July 09, 2006
A term derived from the Greek 'entheos', directly translated to mean having "God (theos) within" or more loosely translated as "inspired" and 'genesthe' meaning "to generate". 'Entheos' was typically used to describe poets, musicians and other artists who were believed to receive their gifts from the divine. The word entheogen thus exposes itself as meaning "that which generates God/the divine in a person". The term was first coined in 1979 as a replacement for 'psychedelic' and 'hallucinogen' which both carry with them certain denigrating connotations. The cultures of those who use psychoactives that fall within the category of entheogen (or enthnobotanical, a related term which refers specifically to psychoactive plants) and those who use such substances for 'recreational' or secular uses are in some cases, strongly at ends, and in others allied. Entheogen is a term to be used in strict reverence of substances that act as divine sacraments and facilitate transcendent experiences.
I participated in the ritual use of the entheogen, Mescaline/Peyote when I went on a spirit walk at the Peyote Way Church in Arizona.
by Michael Nelson December 08, 2007
A drug cocktail popular amungst Urban Youth in the game Deus Ex. Zyme is like a liquid crack, it was invented in New York City. It is unsure how the drug is taken.
Zyme addicts formed a line down the street in front of the clinic.
by Michael Nelson July 22, 2004
Commonly found throughout sections of New York City, a neighborhood/district/burough that looks, as the result of gang activity and structure abandonments, as though it has fallen victim to a US air force 'shock and awe' strike.
No way I'm going there! I mean, its a fallout district!
by Michael Nelson July 22, 2004
To dramatize or overexaggerate. To describe otherwise bland subjects in a horribly depressing and/or dramatic manner. To make dreary or saddenning.
Stop blogifying everything and enjoy life!
by Michael Nelson July 22, 2004
To make technical in matter or subject. To perform the calculations on. To solve as in the case of a math problem.
I'm going to mathematicize my Statistics homework.
by Michael Nelson July 22, 2004
Cybernetic and/or Nanotech enhancements to the human body which provide either increased functionality of current abilities or entirely new capabilities.
His biomechanical augmentations allowed him to see in the dark and jump 30 feet into the air!
by Michael Nelson July 22, 2004

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