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The most broken monster in the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game today.
Player 1: How'd you lose?
Player 2: Opponent Creature Swapped me a Scapegoat, summoned Black Luster Soldier, Envoy of the Beginning, then hit me for 6000 and game.
by Michael Lucas April 11, 2005
The process of a card for card copying of a winning decklist from a collectible card game that was posted on the internet. If it wasn't posted online, it's not netdecking.

Clans who do this are usually very intelligent -- they know it's the best way to win. Those who play games for a profit live and die by this.
ExMinionOfDarkness netdecked Eric Wu's Zombie/Chaos deck to qualify at the 4-10-05 Butler, PA Regionals.
by Michael Lucas April 11, 2005

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