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2 definitions by Michael Lovelock

To use a certain tone when saying something profound and important. Preferably used at work, but quickly spreading to other places and being widely used.
"Mark XXXXXXXXX - What a fist" - in a Dobbo Voice

"Oh man, Stuey just used the Dobbo Voice - how awesome"
by Michael Lovelock December 19, 2006
To perform a task correctly or with distinction.

If you are given something to do, or do something off your own back and use initiative, you may be congratulated for "Technically Supporting Yourself"
Mark: Mike just sorted us out with an FTP server on the Broadband Machine
Stu: Oh Technical Support Yourself!

Mark: I've fixed the problem with that customer from earlier, you know, the one that was a right fist..
Mike: Oh get in there, Technical Support Yourself Jenko!

Mike: I'll put the kettle on
Mark: Technically Supporting Yourself Lovelock!
by Michael Lovelock December 19, 2006