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2 definitions by Michael Kane

of or pretaining to the crap that hangs on the hair of your anus after taking a huge fucking shit. You will most likely find these little turds days maybe weeks after you take a crap.
an example of an anal chandelier would be when you take a crap and then a day later, and you acidentaly find hard shit on your ass hair. If you are a fag, you will most likely find them either fingering yourself or giving another fag a rim job.
by Michael Kane October 09, 2005
its when a man takes his dick and pushes the girls tits togather and, drives his dick between the boobs. making it seem like a truck is driving through a tunal of some sort
I gave that girl last night the longest and hardest tit truck, i think i gave her a flat.
by Michael Kane October 09, 2005