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To stretch the law and government to extreme means and measures for improvement of the economy.
I pulled an Obama on my math homework today as I asked the Chinese kid to lend me money to buy a calculator
by Michael Geico July 01, 2009
Someone who tends to fart a lot.
when eric eats a can of beans, he becomes fartender man.
by Michael Geico July 25, 2011
Slackers Queers And Dumbasses
I wonder if SQAD needs their hand held today while they test that bug fix
by Michael Geico January 28, 2009
This is inspired by the greatest drunk of all time, Homer Simpson. When you realize there is something you have to do cause its in your schedule but don't remember for the life of you where it came from.
A - ooh it says I have to go to Yings with J, I wonder when I put that in there.

J - You drunk bastard. Having another Homer moment?
by Michael Geico September 22, 2010
a television with basic cable
So I was watching a lexus ad on the adhole today...
by michael geico November 08, 2011
Having sex with a girl until you are done
I picked up this girl from the bar last night, we went to her house for a four minute seat. I didnt even take off my pants.
by Michael Geico August 30, 2010
Its the sister of a tree hugger.
Ever since Billy joined Green Peace, he has become a tree hugging, whale kisser.
by Michael Geico February 02, 2010
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