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1.)A penis that has shot its load.
2.)A tough situation.
1.) That is one big slippery pickle.
2.) That is one big slippery pickle.
by Michael Doyle June 04, 2003
1.)one penis simultaneously gets off 2 women.
2.) A menage trois.

3.)Having sex with someone then forgeting if you actually had sex.
1.) The magic penis theory. "I shot her in the grassy knoll then I ran away and no one ever found me"
by Michael Doyle June 04, 2003
A dance muisc subgenre and its associated subculture that spans dance-rock, indie-techno, electro-punk, monkey-acid, boot-gazer, and any muisc that would get one called a "freak", "fag", "squid", etc.
Dorkwave is like a movement without the bother of all the meaning.
by Michael Doyle May 08, 2005

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