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Nickname for a youthful, well kept vagina.
See Also: Bearded Clam, Lincoln Tunnel, Vagina.
Mike: Jenny?
Jenny: Yeah Mike?
Mike: I was thinking about melting your fucking face off by rocking your ham wallet for six hours, what do you think?
Jenny: Sounds righteous, can Dana come?
Mike: Fat Dana, or your sister Dana?
Jenny: No, my sister.
Mike: Yeah she can, tell her to put some cash in her hamwallet and I'll dig it out for her as well!
by Michael Daflos April 04, 2005
Nickname for a used up, old, leathery, vision of a female genital unit.
Hey Brian, did you know I fucked your mom last night and she had some burnt ass ham wallet? I mean, I know she's sixty one, but your dad has a little pecker, so I didn't think her ham wallet would be so burnt.
by Michael Daflos April 04, 2005
The act of being the umteenth person to use this sequence of first/last naming for someone who is doing something. It can be used as a way to take something positive and make it seem like the butt of a joke (ex. #1)Often this is a vain and low intellect attempt at taking back some pride after being made jealous or being shown up(ex. #2). A guaranteed laugh for all with IQ's sub 100. Definition barely adequate explanation, see example.
Todd: Yeah, I own a porsche, and I'm a doctor.
Me: OK there, Porschy McDoctorstein.

Todd: Well your girlfriend saw fit to have sex with me because I'm a doctor in a Porsche.
Me: OK, Girlfriendy McPorscheDoctorstein.
(Mike's friends laugh, Mike goes home and falls asleep crying.)
by Michael Daflos April 07, 2005
Buffalo Wedding: Shitting in someone's hair and shampooing it in.
"Say Deron, that Jerry Curl is looking kind of dry, why don't you let me hook you up with a Buffalo Wedding and put the life back in the party?"
by Michael Daflos March 14, 2005
A word used to vocalize while showing an example of a movement. Used at the exact time you re-enact the movement of others, or act with a movement yourself. Many times this word is used while you are grabbing at something, jacking something from a friend, or even tossing something comically. If the move takes a longer time than the word takes to say, it is customary to add extra "anow"s, but often, based on region, the N sound comes out the second and third times as an L sound, sounding like "blanalalow"
::While grabbing a bag of potato chips from a really fat child::
by Michael Daflos April 06, 2005
To frustrate to the point of infuriation
After years of unsuccessful banging, Jose finally became so infrustriated with his girlfriend never having an orgasm during sex that he started porking people who are easier to please.
by Michael Daflos March 11, 2010

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