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A former Pittsburgh Steeler Wide Receiver from about 20 years ago. The name is used to describe a Pittsburgh woman's vagina when is is very loose from having WAY too much sex
Elizabeth did not look like the typical Pittsburgh skank, so I decided to take her out on a date. Things became hot and heavy and I took off her panties. I could tell that she had received a lot of dick by her Louis Lips.
by Michael Christopher January 17, 2006
When an "Irish looking" woman performs oral sex on a man until he ejaculates a huge load all over her pale, freckled face.
Kevin once told me a story about this chick (whose name rhymes with pita) that used to blow him. Even though he wasn't into redheads, he couldn't resist the temptation of giving her a hot, sticky boston creme pie.
by Michael Christopher January 16, 2006
A woman's pubic region which is overgrown, crusty, and smelly, which resembles a batch of thin, french-fried onions.
Saturday night I hooked up with this hot redhead from the bar. As I peeled off her panties, her Irish haystack brought tears to my eyes.
by Michael Christopher January 15, 2006

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