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A Mooglin is a creature that is the main spokesperson/spokescharacter in the game of AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and Mechquest.

A Mooglin is the coolest creature in the game but are often punted around like footballs by many due to their lack of being able to defend themselves.

Are also very round eyes, are cute, and are actually very intelligent, and vary in colors..
by Michael Carrillo March 15, 2008
Ojade: You got away with something horrendous before and now you have to pay for something that wasn't really necessary.
Sam: Drake your a dumbass, you got paroled early and now you want to rob a candy store. You know your going to get Ojade.

Drake: But i love candy..
by Michael Carrillo October 08, 2008
A person who basically is a failure at everything they attempt and life. But everyone doesn't want to be a dick to them,so they're constantly encouraging them.
Jason:Janice your so piticul, but who gives a crap your hot!!!!!
by Michael Carrillo September 18, 2008
Wag: Wild Ass Guess..
Mr. Peterson: Jimmy It's useless to try to save your grade now just Wag it already.

Jimmy: Limited Monarchy...
by Michael Carrillo October 08, 2008
Why won't that damn Vam shut the hell up about how his country is so much better than here....!!!
by Michael Carrillo March 11, 2008
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