307 definitions by Michael

The rolled up balls of tiolet paper that get stuck in your anal hair after wiping your ass with cheap toilet paper.
Boy do I need to shower to get all of those tinkleberries out of my hole.
by Michael June 01, 2004
a black male who has been consumed by the light, also known as a bounty
i love white gals they control me.
by Michael November 27, 2003
define accounting, its concepts, importance and qualities of good accounting information
business,finance and information technology
by michael April 25, 2005
nasty ass queef
Sometimes I queef out of my weenie
by michael March 15, 2003
The act of driving by a house and shooting at it with weapons.
He was housin in my hood, so let's go housin by his house.
by Michael July 04, 2004
An experiment in artificial stupidity
Fool me once shame on, shame on you
Fool me twice you can't get fooled again.
by Michael October 07, 2004
A erect penis that is closely proportional to the size of a steak.
1)Wow, look at that big @$$ tube steak!

2) (In monotone) MY TUBE STEAK...
by Michael April 12, 2004

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