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The loose, rigid, salty labia of an aged female slut.
They had an all-you-can-eat Beef Jerky buffet at the womens retirement home.
by Michael April 22, 2005
When a kid does a fart.
Did you just do a pop off?
by Michael October 13, 2003
A girl from a poor litte town called Portland, which is part of Oregon. Her dad is even boy hating psycho who refers to people as "shit heads" and her twin sister is also evil! She on the other hand is rather a nice person.. despite her obsession with everything even containing the word britian, or england, or scotland even? Apart from irn bru, which despite its deliciousness, she does not like!
Also reffered to as "wheetabinx"!
Who is obsessed with Britain?

Why, that would have to be Binx!
by Michael April 13, 2005
Fucking a white girl with out her wanting it.
Dude the reason i am here is that my mom was gringo raped.
by michael October 27, 2003
big round boobs. every guy wants to hit it. every other guy has.
Mark: yo baby, can i get some?!
Deepa: after i'm done giving Billy head, i'll play with your needle dick and touch your little balls.
by Michael April 18, 2005
The Occurance of female ejaculation.
I'm gonna pluh all over ya.
by Michael January 12, 2005
a nose
This guy has a big honker
by Michael April 09, 2004

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