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Pwn originated when a warcraft map creator misspelled "own" and thus pwn came into play.
Dude im pwing those orcs!
by Michael/halfamitten/mpd May 08, 2005
Making sure less fortunate people who started with less opportunity get the food and shelter they need in order to survive.
Sheltering the homeless is good, its moral as well as a help to society.
by Michael/halfamitten/mpd November 09, 2005
Equal treatment of all races and colors (Good). Sometimes used as a front for calling someone a racist(bad).
1. Hey Xing-Hou lets go play golf (Good example of equal rights).
2. Jim: Hey bob, your not very good at soccer
Bob: YOU RACIST BASTARD (bad Example)!
by Michael/halfamitten/mpd November 09, 2005
Making sure the enviorment is taken care of. Stopping emition of pollution/Green House gasses.
When to many greenhouse gasses are emitted then the heat gets trapped in the earths atmosphere! WE sign enviormentalist contracts and treaties and don't follow them! Enviormentalism is good!
by Michael/halfamitten/mpd November 09, 2005

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