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Italians are hard working people who are loyal, and very family oriented. The best people ever! Italians arent consdered white. They wear the best suits and make the best clothes! They also wear a lot of hip-Hop clothes and because of that they are called "wiggers" and "wegros", but becuase Italians arent considered white, those terms dont apply to them and are nonexistent. Their culture is used by a lot of the Hip-Hop culture as they call themselves "Capone" "Gotti", Three 6 Mafia", wear sweats, call themselves "Gangstas" and love the Mob themed life and so on and so on.

Italian culture has been a part of Hip-Hop for mutiple decades now just like latinos have been a part of it since the 80's. So to the older generation of Italians saying the newest generation are a disgrace becuase of what they wear and etc, they just dont get that Italians who dress and act a certain way is just the Americanization of all cultures meshing together. The Italian culture hasent died or will it ever, it's alive and well, it's just evolved and added on due to living in America the country that we discovered, and since Italians discovered this country we have every right to call the shots as what to wear or how to act,if you dont like it move! So next time you see an Italian wearing FUBU and Kangol, dont say were ripping off anothers culture, other cultures rip us off all the time,so we will wear whatever we like, and if we dont mind rappers putting Italian culture in their rhymes then I doubt they care what we wear. Now thats the reality check. Paisans rule!
Why do those Italians wear all that hip-hop stuff? Thats beacuse they are the real gangsters.
by Micah1 February 09, 2007

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