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Do you understand me? ya heard
popular in New Orleans.
the phrase is suppose to come after a sentence.
-Go get my shit, ya heard me.
-Say brah, I'm chillin here in Orlando, ya heard me.
-C-murder's innocent, ya heard me.
by Mic Check August 30, 2005
100%, something real
Dat's some real shit
Let me speak on some real shit
My dog Mike and Ronnie stay on some real shit
by Mic Check August 30, 2005
1. in the game of poker it means to put more money or something with value on the table
2. someone may say it during a robbery meaning give up anything with value
1. I see your 10 and i raise you 20, ante up
2. Ante up fool, i want the cash and the jewls
by Mic Check August 30, 2005
Cops. see 5-0, pigs, one time, bo brown
Cops drive crown victorias. 'Vic' is short for crown victoria
Dem Vics roped Travis last night.
Da party shut down when the vics came through
by Mic Check August 31, 2005
1. to go away, leave, escape
-This kid tried to duck out from the fight.
-The cops tried to catch me but I ducked out through the back door
by Mic Check August 30, 2005
1. a camoflauge printed bandana
You got dem Reeboks on your feet?
Then you a SOULJA nigga, put up a solja rag!! -Juvenile
by MiC check August 22, 2005
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