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n. 1)an answer in the affirmative
2)an answer in the negative, usually used in the sarcastic affirmative tense.
Ex 1
Mike "Manny, you want a beer?"
Manny "Bet that, puto!"

Ex 2
Chris "Manny, are you any good at badminton?"
Manny "Bet that, puto!"
by Mexico Brown October 10, 2005
n. 1) One, who while in the bath tub, flatulates; then proceeds to bite at the bubbles. 2) Slang. Name for anyone who does/says something incredibly stupid.
See also, Clint #'s 1, 2, 6, & 8.

Person1 "Did you see Clint dive off of that house into that empty swimming pool?"
Person2 "Yeah, what a gnarffe-whonger!"
by Mexico Brown September 30, 2005

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