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new rapper dont no how u missed him!

anyway, he one of the best mother fuckers in the game! haha
breath and then a 2....2 and then a 3
by method man March 28, 2005
Crystal Meth, was given the name crank because it used to be smuggled in the crank cases of cars and bikes.
Expecailly Harleys when sumggled by hells angels.
Crank- It's what's for breakfast!
by Method Man September 01, 2004
The illest person in the world...With out a doubt.
Yo...thats bocc...true...
by MeThoD MaN November 04, 2003
Tight cliq/crew. Similar to WU Tang
You on Two Four? Hell naw them niggaz is tight I aint cool enough.
by Method Man June 25, 2003

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