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The liberal media's definition is you have to like and support it no matter what, not doing so means you're a racist or bigot.

That meaning is wrong. The true definition is you don't like it, support it, or encourage it. It means you just deal with it. It can still piss you off, but you just deal with it. So don't be fooled by the liberal media
South Park (where he tries to get fired from his job for being gay and explains the true definition of Social Tolerance).

Mr. Garrison:

" Look people toleranace doesn't mean you're forced to like it, or support. You just deal with it, it can still piss you off, BUT YOU JUST PUT UP WITH IT OK. Now, Can I please get fired so I can get my $25,000,000".
by Metal Pholosepher November 24, 2011
A very underrated album by Black Sabbath and a very underrated song by Black Sabbath with Tony Martin as the singer. Most people believe its satanic or blasphemis due to the name. However, that is untrue. The song is about a village in Worschershire England named "Headless Cross"
that came under a great illness. The people blamed it all on Satan and called each other devil worshipers because they believed God was punishing them. Sadly, the whole village was wiped out due to the plague.
Guy: Dude, have you heard Headless Cross it's epic
Guy 2: That sounds devil worshiping
Guy: No it's not, just do your reasearch
by Metal pholosepher November 15, 2011
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