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A Satanic Robot Chao from Hell. He gives bad advice. He is also gay a.k.a. Homochao.
OH NO HE'S MORE ANNOYING IN SONIC HEROES!!! AAAAAH! After Team Rose he's gone. Unless...a stupid person were to press the Y button to hear him!
by Metal Shadow 666 July 13, 2004
The Sonic Anime created by Sega, based on the adventure series story line. The lines are not as corny as the "The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog", and the voices aren't like Steve Urkle. The added humans which are annoying. In Sonic Adventure he was in a HOTEL not Chris' house! And Cream wasn't around yet!
Sonic X was infected by pokecrap, and the story like is messed up! I can't ell which is worse Tails or Creams voice! They should have used the voices from SA2B/Sonic Heroes. 4kids screws everything up!
by Metal Shadow 666 July 13, 2004
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