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This is the newest form of metal.
Much to the dismay of "old" metal fans, this "nu metal" is much accepted by todays culture. Old bands such as Pantera and Slayer had great musical talent, however today's listeners are typically more interested in the cross over of rap with the old sounds of metal. Nu Metal also includes more of an emphasis on the lower chords rather than the high pitched, more complexed chords played by the "original" metal bands. Nu metal music is also are accompanied by yelling and shrill screams, which in most cases should be deemed pointless. Regardless of wether or not you want to consider it "true" metal, this new genre IS here to stay... go, bitch and moan in your closet.

One last thing, you are all going to die while this genreation of music will live on until a next comes along. So why don't all you "haters" go, put on your Slayer albums and cry about how bad your life has become because of nu metal. waaaaah
by Metal Is Reformed Not Dead September 25, 2005
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