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Malt liquor, MD 20 20, ripple, or any other economically-priced alcoholic beverage popular in the inner city.
Me, Germaine and LaTrine got down with some wicked Urban Bourbon last night at the Lucky Stiff Club.
by MetWop August 02, 2009
Toilet paper.
Grab me a few pages of the New York Times, please. We're out of bowel towels again.
by MetWop August 10, 2009
Fat-reducing cosmetic surgery, performed exclusively for the purpose of being able to dance at one's high school reunion without looking like a walrus having a convulsion.
Jim had better get a disco-tuck before the reunion dance. He could kill somebody with that gyrating gut!
by MetWop August 31, 2009
A woman who is so undesirable that she can kill an already erect cock within seconds of appearing.
Shirley is such an erecticide...my masssive wood went limp as soon as she walked through the door.
by MetWop August 10, 2009
Digitally enhanced female breasts.
Alice: "Stop drooling over that photograph. Those are computer hooters".
Ralph: "Hommina-hommina-hommina!!!"
by MetWop August 07, 2009
A prolific adulterer.
Betty: "I just saw Julie's husband coming out of Motel 6 with yet another cheap slut."
Wilma: "He's a real cheato bandito!"
by MetWop August 06, 2009
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