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New York City's greatest borough.
Queens makes the Bronx look like a cesspool...Wait, shit...the Bronx DOES look like a cesspool!
by MetWop August 07, 2009
The most popular new creative name in the African-American community.
Black dude: "Where LaTrine?"
White gentleman: "On a military base, I suppose."
Black dude: "A military base?!? What the hell he doin' there?"
White gentleman: "Who?"
by MetWop August 06, 2009
The only city in the United States where the mayor can't speak English.
Jim: Hey, Gwok, take a ride with me to Hialeah...I need a translator.
Juaquin: I'm down, dude.
by MetWop August 02, 2009
A social messaging network for women only.
I've got to get on Twatter immediately to let the world know that I just scratched my left ass cheek.
by MetWop August 07, 2009
A city just north of Miami where violent death is considered a hobby.
Honey, I'm driving through Opa-locka. Have you seen my AK-47?
by MetWop August 02, 2009
The great Met pitcher, whose dick the guy who wrote definition # 1 would love to suck.
The guy who wrote definition # 1 would love to suck Tom Seaver's dick.
by MetWop August 22, 2009
The highest form of intelligent life in the history of the planet earth.
Michael: "Damn, that guy's smart! Did he stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?"

Patrick: He's even smarter than THAT...he's a MET FAN!!!
by MetWop August 02, 2009

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