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The correct term for a trucker hat is actually a mesh hat. Mesh hat's have been worn by skaters and punks now for 25 years. Made popular in the 1970's by Truck drivers as a cheap alternative ball cap available at truck stops and 7-11's or as a free handout by one of their customers.A true mesh hat has a foam front with a rigged mesh back. Available in many colors and many varieties. Some special features may have eggs on the brim(usually gold colored oak leaves), colored stripes on the side of the mesh, bubble print logos, pinwheel colored mesh, ect. There are many ways to fancy up the mesh hat. In the late 1980's these hats were replaced by the actual 100% cotton or wool ball cap that we see today. Early hipsters,skaters and punks started wearing mesh hats in the late 80's and never stopped. This is what prompted www.meshhat.com to be created in 1999 selling them world wide to early hipsters who could not find them in their local stores. Then Pharrell and that guy from punk'd Aushton just killed that hip vibe by making them ultra popular which started a flood in the stores and a downward trend. The cool thing about mesh hats is that if you like them so what, you wear them and screw whatever someone calls a trend or not. If you are a true mesh hat wearer, you are one for life no matter what the trend says. I have had them since the mid 80's and still wear them today in 2008. I just like them better then stupid flat billed New era hats with the sticker in tact or anything that shows up on the seen. I know many people that still wear them and those people are very hip. Remember that what you were is what is hip no matter what someone else thinks or says. Your personality is what makes the clothes you wear hip or not.
Trucker Hat or Mesh Hat
by Mesh Matt July 25, 2008
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