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A person that receives no pleasure from any type of organism known to man. They usually are seen in the corner, at the party shuffling their feet as if they are having a good time. No fashion sense and no charm. Usually see around the football field at Marist College.
See that guy raging by himself in the corner? That dude is a get none and a half.
by Merv Dickman November 05, 2010
When a couple goes out to a romantic dinner, stuffs their faces, and boil up hot steamy ones. Then, they both undress and the man sits on the toilet and the woman sits on his thighs, facing him. At this point, the couple locks lips and their "love bombs" slide out of their rectums almost perfectly together, forming a heart in the toilet bowl.
Mary and Donny have a great relationship together. They go out to eat, feel the passion of the flame, and drop sensual love bombs to show their affection. That's love.
by Merv Dickman November 24, 2011

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