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A Megan is always awesome, period. If you haven't met three or more Megans by the time you're 15 you don't live in America. A Megan has a blonde streak, whether she wears it or not. She has a way of brightening your bad days. A Megan knows how to party like a rockstar. Megans hold pride in the fact that thier name is spelled correctly, without any "h"s, one "e", and one "a" in order. A Megan is always in the shadow of Megan Fox, so don't rub it in.
No one is complete without a Megan as a bff.
Megan: Hey, I'm Megan!
Meghan: hey, me too!
Megan: cool, how do you spell it?
Meghan: m-e-g-h-a-n
Megan: haha, you spelled it wrong. its okay tho, just don't flip when i call you meg-han lol
by Merri Webster February 20, 2012

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