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Very Good Starter Drink, Could also be called'Mothers Liquid Helper"
,If you get off work later in the evening and need to catch up to your friends that have a head start on you then Bacardi 151 is it, just make sure you eat BEFORE not after and most definatly not right after. The best way to do it is as a shot because it does not taste good. pour your shot,have a back of coke if you are at a bar or better yet bring Squirt ( I'll explain later) Hold your breath like you are swimming, do your shot then down the coke THEN breathe.Trust me if you breathe before that you'll be talking rough for awhile.

After a full day of having kids running in and out of your house and tearing it up(being the referee) a nice little shot of 151 is AWESOME,you know, just to take the edge off when I ran out of Dr. Pepper one day all I had was Squirt so I did what any mother that was desperate would do. Sucked it up and tried it. Squirt COMPLETLY knocked the fire out and since it is not as sweet as Coke or Dr. Pepper
I didn't have that funky after taste. I was very surprised. I feel that no more than 2 shots are recommended. Trust me it will last you all night.
by Mermom July 04, 2009

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