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47 definitions by Meredith

hardworking, outgoing, and determined.
Jayne Ann said Meredith's best quality is that she has great hardworkingness.
by Meredith October 20, 2004
5 1
a cheerful feeling of calmness, content.
-ultimately low emissions vehicle-backwards...but it still sounds nice dont it?
hello little penguin, your flappy wings make you appear so velu in the cool sunshine.
by meredith January 13, 2004
4 0
The most unpopular member of wordTeen Girl Squad.
Whats her face you can go to the thrift store.
by meredith October 18, 2003
21 17
Instant messenger way of saying: "peed while laughing"
"That was SO funny! I pwl!
by Meredith March 25, 2005
12 9
1) One who is depended upon to complete an integral function of a larger task, but fails in a manner which nullifies the efforts of the others involved

2) One known notoriously for "dropping the ball" (see above) often.
"Ok, joe can get the keg and rich can make up the posters"

"wait, Joe can't get the keg, hes a ball dropper, have bill get it instead"

by Meredith July 15, 2003
9 8
A great basketball player; great foul shooter, outside shooter, passes well, good at EVERYTHING in basketball!! Also VERY good looking!!!!!
97% Free tHrow shooter
by Meredith March 17, 2004
49 49
The coolest, sexiest, best RTCW player, ever!
Digital-X pwns j00.
by Meredith January 14, 2004
1 1