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A goat-like utterance sometimes caused by uncontrollable spasms that depicts pain, agony, hardship, confusion, and/or remorse.
Dylan uncontrollably "Struggles" after Parker makes a ridiculous comment and needs to take it easy.
by Mere Scraps August 02, 2009
An alternative way of saying "okay" or "alright" in a shitty, uncomfortable situation.
Connor: "McDonald's is a place where filthy, disgusting people work."

Mrs. Leavitt: "What if someone in the class has a relative working there, what would you say to them?"

Connor: "Uhh...dib a dib."
by Mere Scraps August 02, 2009
A prolonged way of saying "fuck" when you are busted in an awkward/uncomfortable situation.
Timmy: "Chaz shit his pants yesterday."

Shelly: "He's sitting right behind you..."

Timmy: "Fack..."
by Mere Scraps August 02, 2009

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