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1 definition by Melvyn Douglas

Poor-quality, inferior craftsmanship or construction work that reflects slovenliness, inattention to detail, incompetence and poor training. Taking shortcuts that result in shoddy, unattractive buildings, furniture, facilities, etc., and may also jeopardize health and safety due to failure to observe codes and norms.
"Look at all this nigger-rigging. They hung the doors upside down, for God's sake!"

"It's just nigger-rigging if you don't measure at least twice."

"Whichever nigger-rigger put this sink in didn't bother to anchor it, he just glued it to the sheetrock."

"Of course the toilet stops up a lot. What do expect, what with all the nigger-rigging around here?"

"If you don't sand and prime it first, it'll obviously look like nigger-rigging."
by Melvyn Douglas June 28, 2005
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