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australia is probably one of the better countys in the world. it has awesome cool scenery and accepts people as citisans easier than most other counties.

the government pays people to go to school and to be unemployed. and most of the better people who live here are multi cultural and not rasist.

so in my opinion i think australia is a pretty alright place to live :)
aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi. Australia
by Melissa_0049 December 21, 2006
1. a thing u can yell to scare someone...
(although you probably wanna hide behind a corner then jump out cause they wont expect that)
2. The ghost thing off the mario brothers game... you know
3. a significant other... guys usually say it to there girls
4. boo as in you are really bad and you should stop what your doing right now... or ill throw rotten food at u...
1. person 1: Boo!!
person 2: ahh!! aw its only you, you scared the hell out of me man.. dont do that again.

2. boo as in the ghost...

3. girl u know your my boo

4. Boo, get off the stage you suck...
by Melissa_0049 December 21, 2006

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