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Edward Cullen's adoptive brother in the popular series Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
Emmett Cullen is one of the vegetarian vampire in the Cullen family, and is a "big brother" type. He is big, muscly, and attacks his prey like a irratible grizzly, his favorite food. His soul mate is Rosalie Hale.
Other members of the cullen family: Carlisle Cullen Esme Cullen Jasper Hale Rosalie Hale Edward Cullen Alice Cullen Bella Cullen Renesmee Cullen
If you've ever seen a bear attack on T.V., you should be able to imagine Emmett hunting.

- Edward Cullen talking about Emmett Cullen hunting in twilight
by Melanie LeFleur August 11, 2008

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