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Melanin is Ubiquitous in every entity on Planet Earth that has hue/color. Melanin is the root of what gives color to skin, hair, eyes, plants, oil, animals, volcano's everything imaginable that is creative and colorful. Melanin is 100% activated through sun contact with Black/Indigenous Peoples and 50 to 100% with those Hispanic and all other people of color including "dark skinned" whites; Spaniards, Italians.
"I have brown skin, brown hair, brown eyes. This is because of Melanin". "It is ranges between brown and black; it has Melanin". "Usually people with Melanin have better eye sight, natural muscle physique, and better, youthful and beautifully elastic skin".
by MelanicTeesCoolection February 07, 2013
Melaninphile is a lover of all things that Melanin exist in.
"I love that Melanin is found around the world in animals, people, tree's, in carbon and in the sea animals, My life consist of a Melaninphile. It's so versatile and amazing to me, I am astonished by it. I am so memorized with it and want to know everything there is possible to know about Melanin".
by MelanicTeesCoolection February 07, 2013
One who outstandingly amplifies the attributes due to Melanin.
"He raps, plays sounds from the mouth, he dances and plays ball. He is Melanistic".

"She so Melanistic how she connects the words in her poetry flow".
by MelanicTeesCoolection February 07, 2013
Melanism is things, people and entities in general that have Melanin and live it with passion as in like a Movement. It is practice and exhibited freely and consciously.
"Having Melanin gives you this boost of frequency that you have no choice but want to be in a Melanism way of life".
by MelanicTeesCoolection February 07, 2013

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