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A spiritual leader of a (mostly tribal) nation or people.
A shaman has the duties of contacting spirits, foretelling the future, healing and etc.
They can be found in central asia and siberia either at the turkic or mongolic people and in north america with the natives.
The Nogai and Altaic Turkics are one of the few shamanistic that are left in central asia.
#mongolic #turkic #native american #shamanism #tengriism
by Mehmet Baba April 24, 2007
A man that is the protagonist of the book called the new testament. A man who is worshipped by more over1 billion people. A guy who was nailed on a cross, or from a muslim perspective he was not.
To some he is the son of god, to some he is god, to some he is a prophet, to some he is non existent, to some he is a false messiah and bla bla bla.
Everyone has its own jesus in this matter.
I say Jesus is non-existent.
#jhwh #jehowah #god #bible #allah #torah #jewish #messiah
by Mehmet Baba April 24, 2007
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