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Simply put, OWNAGE!

Bow down if you cross paths with him.
Guy 1:Man that guy SLaPaHoE not only has the best name in Socom, but he also just destroyed the whole room winning every single MVP.

Guy 2: Get off his dick ya nub, it's my turn!
by Meh November 24, 2004
Something greek people say after every sentence. It is just some random expresion.
That was some sweet fully sick twin turbo action ulleh.
by Meh March 07, 2005
My friend wears glasses. *nodnod* I like to wear them. Dey're kewl but I already have 20-20 vision and they're expensive. =(
by meh October 27, 2004
A fun thing to do when you're drunk.

1) You go to a fast food store and buy food or drinks. Usually water because it's free.

2) You drive around late at night looking for pedestrians.

3) You drive by them while your friends throw the food/drinks out the window at the pedestrians.

4) You all yell "DOMINATED" out the window and drive away.
We dominated the goths the other night with milkshakes.
by meh March 27, 2005
Four dimensions. They are length, width, depth, and time. 6 other dimensions also exist, but they are confined to upper-level quantum physics that you wouldn't understand.
If a person flies in a airplane his whole entire life, he will live longer because he is traveling through time (dead serious!!!)
by Meh June 23, 2004
when mrs criasa say some he usally say u know like i said and again
u knwo like i sadi alright
by meh November 05, 2004
The name given to French fries when corporations get uppity. The type of freedom they espouse being the "mass-manufactured, cheaply-produced and incredibly bland" type.
Man, I don't care if these are French fries or Freedom fries, they taste like cardboard either way.
by Meh May 09, 2003

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