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Here we go: SnickleFritz is when you take a spoon and dig out a person's nipple and/or tit. Once the nipple and/or tit has been removed with the spoon, take a snickers bar and fuck the new tit hole with the candy bar. Once fully satisfied, eat the candy bar.
I sniclefritz this girl today man, oh gee. There was sooo much blood!
by Meganfoxsuckedmydick April 18, 2009
Okay, the art of gopher holing is where you insert your penis into a gopher's ass quickly so the sphincter can't restrict and limit the movement of your mankong. With your new gopher condom, penetrate your girlfriend in her vagina. Flick said gopher 3 times in the back of the neck to stimulate it's ass clitoris and simultaneoulsy aggravating it. Once aggravated, the gopher will begin to burrow in the vagina deeper and deeper within the uterus. After 3 minutes of gopher penetration, a new hole linking the vagina and the rectum together will be created. Congratulations! You now have a vgainal-ass hole! WARNING!! Blood loss and getting your grippers ripped is likely to ensue. Thank you, and have a good day.
Yo, man i was gopher holing this girl last night....and she died.
I just got gopher holed! Now, i can't stop pissing out of my ass!
by Meganfoxsuckedmydick April 18, 2009
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