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A man that will be too scared to pursue you first so you'll have to go after him and THEN pay for him on every so called date you go on. Christopher's don't have cars or money, but they always seem to conveniently have weed on them. Christopher's never call their girlfriends, even on their birthdays and anniversaries unless they are forced. A christopher will make you fall in love with him, and then he will take your heart and walk all over it and make you cry for weeks!!!!!!! Somehow, Christopher's are smooth talking mother f*****'s that will convince you to continue dating them after they pull all of that BS on you. It's unknown whether Christopher's cheat or not. Christopher's are sneaky as hell!!
HOWEVER on a nicer aspect, Christopher's have a dark seductive look to them. Christopher's usually have intense eyes and dark brown hair. Some Christopher's are even amazing in bed. Usually they tend to be intelligent, but obviously not with the ladies.
Who's that guy that's dating the super hot chick?
Oh.. That's Christopher.
That Christopher totally doesn't deserve her!

Did you hear about what Christopher said to his girlfriend the other day?
No what did he say?!
Christopher said he was only dating her so he could have sex with her!
Wow what a jerk!
by Megan Foxy December 05, 2010

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