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137 definitions by Megan

a fatal disease that affects both humans and cows. very talked about.
one damn cow was found with mad-cow in canada and everyone banned meat.
by megan March 03, 2004
christmas holidays. when all the kids and some parents are off so they can do frenzied shopping. lots of shouting and fighting will take place.
i plan to get a right fair amount of snooging done come chrimbo hols.
by Megan June 14, 2006
Bert McCracken is one of the hottest guys alive along with Quinn Allman and Branden Steineckert who are also in the greatest band ever! I LOVE YOU Bert! I'm your biggest fan ever!~LOVE~
Bert McCracken is the hottest man alive in a former drug addict kind of way!
by Megan March 15, 2005
1. of or having to do with sketchy sex

2. appearing to possess sexually sketchy qualities
There's so much skex going on, you don't even know.
by Megan October 24, 2004
what politicians do in order to garner support for themselves from the common people; going out into the public to meet and greet; similar to baby kissing.
that skeezy politician was out pressing the flesh to try and save his sputtering campaign.
by megan August 12, 2004
an adjective used to describe something that is beyond awesome/cool/hot you get the idea. Used mainly by punkrock scenesters, this word defines cool stuff.

add a G for extra emphasis.

and if you want to be SCENE, capitalize the a.

Freakin rAd is also a kickass scene zine... www.freakinrad.tk
Your band is freakin rad!

Your band is freakinG rad!

Your band is freaking rAd!
by megAn March 30, 2004
A rucksack. Like a little kangaroo pouch you wear on your back to put things in. Backpack.
Cor, Georgia, your rucky is in a right horrible state. perhaps you should go get a new one?
by Megan June 14, 2006