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also known as a "gym class douche". A typical expensive-brand-wearing male, usually between the ages of 16-28. Loves to drink, play frolf and videogames, and chase bimbos. In high school, many of these creatures only emerge during gym class, hiding themselves from the world during the other 7 periods of the day. In their college years, bros tend to flock to State Universities, and gather in groups known as "fraternities." Light pink shirts, recognition by last name only, popped collars, ignorant blind obsession with Dashboard Confessional, Jack Johnson, The Fray (etc.), excessive amounts of hair gel and thirty-dollar acoustic guitars are also common signs indicative of this species. The California variant of a "Bro" is sometimes referred to as a "Brah"
Dude, Pat is such a Bro. All he does is get drunk, chill, and listen to Jack Johnson.
by Meg Dolan December 06, 2008
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