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A man who is proud of his size and muscles.

These people usually invest a lot of time and money on their physical enhancements rather than expanding mental abilities.

Meat head's psychology is base on masculinity and intimidation.

Meat heads in general drive:
- V8 such as Trucks and Muscle Car (AMERICAN ONLY)

Meat heads in general shop base on:
- Size and Shape

Meat heads work in fields of construction such as housing, rail and road maintenance, or sport/fitness trainers in civilian or military sector.

Meat heads are mostly after blond chick who are physically relatively small and light.

1)A person who is driving a heavy duty truck most likely can be categorized as a meat head since:

He is driving the truck for reasons related to work or for masculinity.

If former is the case, ie he is driving the truck for work purposes, then he must be working in a job which requires lots of muscle and not much of brain use. For instance jobs such as construction and etc.

If the latter is the case, ie he is driving the truck to show his masculinity, then he is all about muscles and intimidation.

Both cases lead to the same conclusion that the driver is a meat head.

In terms of probability, it can be said that most of meat heads can be spotted base on their vehicle that they are driving.

other examples:

2) Meat head's BBQ is not just any type of BBQ. The Meat Head's BBQ has to be big and masculine. You can spot a Meat Head by looking at his BBQ.

3) Meat heads wear muscle shirts to show their muscles. Meat heads use tattoos to attract more attention.

by Meat head pyschologist April 28, 2009
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