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2 definitions by Measure for Measure123

Euphemism for dissembling, spouting nonsense and red herrings or general bullshitting.
"Blowing smoke about forecast uncertainty and drawing absurd inferences is not helpful", said the commentator about Senator Larry Lindsey.
by Measure for Measure123 June 30, 2011
1. Guy at the airport who checks your bags for a tip, so that you don't have to wait in line with the rest of us.

2. Buzzing people or objects at low altitude.
1. The sky-hop will check your bag at the curb.

2. Sen. Jim Inhofe "sky-hopped" his Cessna aircraft over six vehicles and ground personnel as he tried to land on a closed runway in Texas, sending frightened airport workers fleeing for their lives...
by Measure for Measure123 April 13, 2011