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The bitches in a school that everyone hates. They are two timing low class sluts. They like to wear clothes from faggy stores like American Eagle or Hollister. They sleep around and spread rumors. They downcast all who they think are 'unpopular' when all those kids do is be themselves. I for one am not popular, but at least I'm realer than those cheap ass skanks. I'm not a nerd, I'm a metalhead. Populars make fun of me, and you know what I do? I FUCK THEM UP, physically and mentally. They have NO power, they are weak as shit, and their insults suck. They were WAAAY too much make up, and they can't get stereotypes right. I'M NOT FUCKING EMO, YOU WANNABE PORN STAR! They have no life, and to all who think I'm just jealous, I'm not. I'm hotter than the populars. And to all who side with those retarted populars, don't say anything about us, you don't know us at all. We do, however, know you. We can analyze you, predict your every move, and we know what pisses you off, even if we don't talk to you. I never want to be a pot smoking, slutty ass, make up wearing, skimpy dressing, NO LIFE popular.
That girl is a major slut so she must be popular.

Those lame populars don't know that I'm going to kick thier asses.

Those populars started rumors about me, so I'm going to terrorize them until they learn. >=(
by MeNotYouHA!!! March 26, 2009

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