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Craig- A tall, adorable yet handsome, good looking, charming, Sophisticated male with a huge dick that fits perfict, long curly hair that twists into ringletts and blue eyes that sparkle in the light.
A guy that knows what you want unless hes trying to do something romantic then he breaks down to try to get you the perfect day or gift because you mean that much to him.

Someone who puts a smile on your face. Someone who will lay there life down to save your. Do anything for. Someone that knows what they can loose if they loose you. Hes a guy that doent have to have sex with you, just hoding your hand is as good as gold. He is a great kisser and always leaves you lips with a warm tinggling sensation and your heart wanting more. He will never hurt you, he thinks the world of you and he would give you world if he could.

He will get down on both his hands and knees to ask your forgiveness if you just randomly say owch when your in his arms.

Will give you anything you want. (Damian)
Craig- Lauren, will you marry me?
Me- =o.... YES!
by Me you and one on the way =) June 14, 2009

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