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The ideal Band kid. More devoted to band than a band geek, and less annoying than a band dork. The arch enemy of choir dweebs
"Hey, band dork!"

"I am NOT a band dork, I'm a band NERD!"
by Me v.2.4 December 22, 2008
Members of a High School choir (auditioned). Arch rival of the Band Nerds, and tolerated by the Orchestra Nerds. Always seems to get out of school for music events more than anyone else.
"omg the music hall is being overrun by choir dweebs!"

"Well, they *do* have a concert tonight..."
by me v.2.4 December 22, 2008
The annoying kids who are in Band just for the 'easy A'. Disliked by Band Geeks and Band Nerds, but on decent terms with the Choir Dweebs and Orchestra Nerds (on average. Another term for Concert Bandies
"Who, 'George'? He never practices, and hardly plays. He's just another Band Dork."
by me v.2.4 December 22, 2008
A member of a high school orchestra. They dispise Band Geeks because they always seem to steal the spotlight in Orchestra. Who allowed wind players in a string ensemble, anyway?
I have worn my Orchestra uniform to a formal dance. Does that make me an Orchestra Nerd?
by me v.2.4 December 22, 2008
The section of a school that contains all of the music rooms. Even if it's not a 'wing', the Music Kids call it that as a term of endearment. Some serious Music Nerds have spent eighteen hours at school-related functions due to this wing. Actually considered a second home by serious band nerds.
"Hey, have you seen -band nerd- lately?"

"I'd check the music wing."
by me v.2.4 December 22, 2008
The end of the struggle. What you say when you're about to get slaughtered. (Combination of Omega the end and Ohm resistance)
1. "We have superior weapons and defenses! We will send you to Ohmega!"

2. "Well, we're out of Mana and low on Health. And if we don't attack now... It looks like we've reached Ohmega, guys."
by me v.2.4 December 22, 2008
Your typical Band Kid. Likes marching, but is happy to get out of practices. Thinks the band nerds are weird and the bands dorks annoying. They're cool with Choir Dweebs but tend to get on the Orchestra Nerds' nerves.
"Hey, the Band Director's not making us play post game! Cool!"

"You're just a Band Geek, aren't you."
by me v.2.4 December 22, 2008

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