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The only animal species that likes to believe that giant people in robes created them and that they must worship them. They then start "Wars" over which of these giant people in robes are the best. They are very hostile and will attack or hump anything that moves. Just like all mammals, the human has mamory glands a.k.a: tits. The difference is, humans are obsessed with these tits and some are even obsessed with the tits of other animals. We call these people "Biologists".
Cow: Here comes that dumb human whos gonna feel my tits again.

Monkey in a zoo: Hey! That human is picking its nose!

Human Female: I have tits!
Human Males: *drool* Woah!
Fat Human Male: Me too!
Human Males: *drool* Woah!
by Me and You August 18, 2006
To reproduce with a member of the oppsite sex.
Lookit those dogs mate! The dude's like a jackhammer! ... ... ... I'm gonna go join in.
by Me and You May 22, 2007
An internet cartoon about some freakish kid with a mental condition.
Guy: Disturbing Seconds freaks me out.
by Me and You March 07, 2007
A pretty childish game where upon a group of people decide that everyone sucks and start throwing bombs. The Americans then get involved and start throwing bombs at there alias instead of their opponents. Then every other country gets involved and shoots the living crap out of everyone. George Bush then decides to press the button on his desk which detonates all explosives on the planet. Everything on the planet is destroyed and the space aliens win the game.
Lets go to war because we are bored.

Lets go to war because they dont believe in the same god as us.

Lets go to war because we have/have no money.
by Me and You August 18, 2006
A creature of great power and rules...stuff. There are many of these beings in liturature and other fiction.
God? Which one? Buddah? Zeus?
by Me and You August 18, 2006

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