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This term is applied when a person in your company is sacked / made redundant with no explaination from management as to why or indeed if they have been let go. First came into existence circa July 2011 at a company based in central England.
Paul: I have a call for Joe but he isn't answering
Jim: I heard from management that he is on holiday
Paul: Ah, it must be a Collingwood Holiday after yesterdays run in with management and punch up!
Jim: Poor Joe...... if you hear from him, pass on my best and I hope he enjoys his 'holiday'.
by Me and Only Me March 08, 2012
1.A demeaning word for a female generally used by retards like
2.A baby Chicken
1. Bush:"Damn that chick is hot"
2. Farmer:"One of the eggs hatched last night so now i have i new little chick."
by Me And Only Me November 25, 2007

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