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Onomatopoeia for the beginning of "Sanford and Sons" theme song, often gets stuck in one's head and then said by that person to other friends so they can join in the fun.
Mitch: "hey corey and devon"
Devon and Corey: " whats up?"
Mitch: "Bwa-Bwa-Bwanup..."
Devon:"damnit, thats gonna be stuck in my head all day"
by mclean 3 north April 13, 2011
the act of drinking a 40oz of beer, preferably hurricanes, that are not smashed over the head of an Artz.

also see: Killing birds or birding or Artz
Let's get a case of 40's and take a picture of all 3 north killing a hawk
by Mclean 3 north April 13, 2011
Killing Birds-
Verb : The act of drinking multiple cans, or bottles, of beer.
"Devon and Mitch were killing birds all night"

Friend one - "Anyone wanna kill birds tonight? it is Thursday..."
Friend two - "Sure, I will go Birding with you guys tonight"

also see: Killing a Hawk
by mclean 3 north April 13, 2011
noun: Slang term for partaking in a bird killing party where one drinks cans or bottles of beer.

also see: killing birds or killing a hawk
Anyone else want to go birding today?
by Mclean 3 north April 13, 2011

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