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shredder catcher
Bill: How are you going to get rid of the evidence?

Stanislaw: Right over here. The bureaucratic void.
by mcdede July 17, 2008
Born an idiot. Nature not nurture is the reason for being a idiot.
That poor imbicili never had a choice to be smart.

You can't rewire imbicili, it just is.
by mcdede December 30, 2013
Celebrating an achievement in a manner that is disproportionate to the deed. Excessive self-congratulations that is most often seen in sporting events, but occurs everywhere.
Her fist pump through the windshield after making every green light on the way to the movie was propjack karma.

The bicep show after his team got their only first down of the first half was pure propjack.
by mcdede December 29, 2013
Unsuccessful farmer's blow. It fails to clear the shirt sleeve, or any other body part.
I didn't have enough wind behind that farmer's blow and now I have a spotted bib.
by mcdede May 18, 2014
Tongue feels as dry as a mummy.
I need to soak my tomb tongue in a gelatinous mix for an hour.
by mcdede February 25, 2014
aspiring artist working as a waiter/waitress
The service is terrible. The staff is wartist central.
by mcdede July 17, 2008

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