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A person who smokes pot, drinks excessively, strips and/or wears a tank top. Will be seen without car/health insurance. Clothing will generally be marinated in barbeque sauce and WD-40. Most white-trash will expose unusual parts of skin at times when they are in danger or under the influence. Can sometimes be seen on COPS with no shirt on ( that includes women ). To effectively contain a white-trash specimen you should arm yourself with a switchblade or a copy of 'The Catcher and the Rye'. Any literature will do.
-Nicole's dad grunted when she tried snatching his ganja-cake.

-The white trash-o-meter soared when Clyde tore Mark's shirt as he struck him with a tree branch.

-Josh and Justin stole his father's drugs and shared them with friends because they are hardcore white-trash.

-She was so white-trash she urinated in the gravel facing towards the interstate.
by McLarenF1God January 10, 2004
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