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The most ridulous excuse for a band to every grace the shit factories known as the American Music industry. They sound like five year olds banging on pots and blabbering and screaming into a toilet-paper roll. The only words I understood after sitting through one of their god aweful songs was "the" and "so". Perhaps if they possessed a little thing I like to call talent, they would not be contributing to the already overflowing mound of excrement that my cow-minded peers call music.

Just another example proving that as long as the fat-cat record production companies want to make more money, they can tell youth what to like and we'll obey like the obeidiant sheep that we are. They put bands like Slipknot and Linkin Park to shame; at least they know how to hold a guitar and scream profanities into a microphone properly.
Dandy Warhols: Puts shitty bands to shame, and makes me want to vomit until my stomach is empty and sore. Andy Warhol is rolling in his grave.
by McKye October 29, 2005
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